Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life 's pleasures and where it can lead !

8x8 Oil on Board (Commission)

Over the years I have taken notice of what we do with our lives,  I have tended  to have had many creative pursuits which have given me pleasure and dropped them along the way. Over the last little while I have enjoyed oil painting and made small pictures that have given me pleasure and a few family members have a few paintings as small gifts.

I had managed to keep quite a few of them when an opportunity came up to give them to a charity for an auction to raise money for rescued animals. Although it didn't raise much it was ( $55) enough to help go towards the rest of the items sold which made a small donation for Animal rescue amounting to just over $2000 dollars.

It  gave me an idea to continue to enjoy  my pastime and give something back to Animal Rescue by selling pictures of  dogs and cats. I have been able to paint several dog portraits which actually gave the owners a kick to have a small portrait of their pets. Seeing that there is an interest And an opportunity I have started a new blog called Art saves Animals (ASA) and will be posting pictures of some of the pets so far. Hope it give you pleasure as much as me!