Friday, April 26, 2013

What's her Problem?

"What's her problem" oil on 11 x14 panel
Black and white dogs.

I have had this photo for a long time and just thought it was about time I should try painting in black and white. I like the composition and feel a lot of expression are coming from the puppies.

Just caught in a moment it looks as though Lola is having a good laugh and her mate looking on quizzically as if to say 'what are you laughing at'?

The painting went reasonably well but, I missed the colour hoping
the background isn't too fussy spoiling the picture.


Sunday, April 14, 2013


"Calf" oil on 8x8 board

Baby Calf.
I just like the look of this young calf, living near to farm land is a good way to get pictures of the Spring and all the happenings for farmers. We take things for granted sometimes passing fields of cattle, horses and of course Holland Landing where a lot of produce is grown from Roses to carrots and onions.

This calf is one of many around here,so painting her made me think how fortunate we are, having the pleasure of seeing the country and all the hard work that goes on around us, we tend to take Farmers and their families for granted.

Painting was interesting with the light and shadow that caught her fur. I could see deep purple, dark and light brown, white and grey a lot of squinting going on! oil on board.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Rachell our Tinkerbell

"Rachell our Tinkerbell" oil on 11x14 board
A Portrait of Rachell our Tinkerbell

After all the Easter festivities we are coming back to normal and back to painting, John at the moment is painting a large board with Iris (irises) for our newly decorated bedroom. I am looking forward to it being complete and off our kitchen table, the board is to big for the easel!

My challenge was from a photo on Facebook that I thought I would paint, not having indulged in the human face before I found it was very different from animals!

It has given me a great deal of anguish all the nuances of subtle colour, her eyes being so dark brown with mascara gave me plenty to work on. Being 17 years old,  vivacious, and almost a woman, I am batting a Thousand against her liking my rendition of her!

I think her personality though has crept in with my effort, as ever I have a nerve putting this one on the blog before she has seen it!