Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crafty Christmas!

The Wood work being admired by Woodie

The Arts and Crafts member of our family Darryl, has just finished his Christmas piece for this year.
He really loves working with wood of any kind  including furniture, but his specific trade mark ,  is display pieces for all the holidays which are always done to perfection and the detailed painting of the figures shows how much he enjoys his work.

Woodie, the dog,  keeps him company too.

Of  course  living in the Country with farms all around us a John Deere piece of equipment is a priority for the Season. 

Good Stuff,  just to get us feeling Christmas is around the corner.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Between Events

"Between Events" oil on 18x24 inch canvas

This is a painting from a photo I took in summer at Palgrave, There are a lot more people and horses in the photo, but I wanted to simplify to create a peaceful feeling.

This painting has been quite a challenge, and I've had doubts about it a few times, earlier the horses were a lot lighter showing their lovely orangey brown hair, but that didn't work overall, the trees didn't fit, so I repainted the horses darker.

Whether it is finished depends on how I can live with it over the next few days.

Every painting is a lesson!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winsong Farm, again!

Two horses enjoying a beautiful November day
Yesterday we visited Winsong farm to deliver a finished painting of Zelador the beautiful white horse. The day was gorgeous, all sunny and bright after the cold, snow and rain of the previous week.

Winnie has a new passion, she is training her dog "Trooper" who is of the vizsla breed, to do similar tricks to
what she has taught the horses.

Trooper is a lovely animal, full of fun and excitement, doing his tricks with great speed to get to the treat.
With his favourite toy, the Bell

Before Troopers tricks we met Bill riding Zeloso, the
half brother of Zelador, and he seemed keen to meet us.


We were very thrilled also that Winnie gave us a small Sculpture of Zelador sitting on a cushion, which is now on display.
The sculpture was made by Ann Clifford

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Ty" a family dog

"Ty" oil on 11x14 board
Wendy of Onice Farms wrote:
"This is his end of the day look. Ty is an energetic Border Collie who loves life. I have had dogs my whole life and can honestly say he is the best dog I have ever owned. His loyal character and friendly personality make him very special. I look forward to coming home from work everyday because I know he will be waiting for me. He gets down on the ground and gives me the look you see in the photo. I think he's saying "What took you so long" To have a dog like Ty is the best feeling in the world. My heart melts when I'm away from him for to long. He will be 2 on Feb 8 2014. He is considered to be our Family dog but I think it's quite obvious who he loves the most ( Me.... The one who feeds him)   Good luck with your painting and thanks for doing this     Wendy"

A painting of a well loved young Border Collie "Ty". hope you like it Wendy?!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Tildra II & Katina"

"Tildra II & Katina" oil on 16x20 board

The Onice  Horse Farm captured our hearts.The ponies have Icelandic names, Tildra II & Katina

We had arrived early and these two were in a little hut looking out on the activity, some ponies going into the fields. It was the first picture I took that day Katina was intrigued looking at me a little on the sly side while I tried to take my shot Tildra II was interested in watching the comings and goings for the set up of the open house.

These horses are a treat to get to know cute as buttons, full of life and action, they can carry a full grown person for a good ride, mainly because their backs are shorter than the standard horse they are sturdy and can take winters very well with thick heavy coats the snow doesn't penetrate into the skin. amazingly their life is average 40 years!

They will be at the Royal Ag Show  in Toronto the next few days.At the moment the family are showing off their Icelandic breed and no doubt giving the public a good time watching the ponies showing off all they can do.
 A real Joy to paint!