Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wet bird

"You never had a bath?" oil on 8x10 canvas

This is from a photo taken by Barry Wallace in his garden in King City, a picture of a Robin just coming from the bird bath on a hot day. I thought it was an opportunity to paint it,loved the indignant look and the wet feathers of the bird.

Barrie manages to capture some great pictures on his journey around the King Area and he is an avid Birder too, he has as many as ten bird feeders and the water bath in his garden plenty of food for the passing birds who pop in for a quick feed and a clean up before their travels.
This is a North American Robin.


Barry Wallace's blogs can be seen here:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Felicity & Davoo"

'Davoo & Felicity", oil on 8x8 panel
"Davoo" oil on 8x10 panel

These two paintings were a commission for a birthday gift for Felicity who has a passion for horses.
Her Mum was able to send photographs of her favourite ride, and I was able to paint two small pictures of one with Davoo & Felicity wearing her favourite hat and the second one of the horse close up.
Her birthday was in May I hope she had a pleasant surprise.

I got an email from Felicity a couple of days ago:
" For my birthday this year I received two oil painting portraits of my precious friend Davoo. 
Davoo was my first horse that I rescued when I was 15 years old. As a young teenager I struggled with socializing so my horse was my best friend. 
Davoo was taken from me far too early on New Year's Day 2015. Although I'm still heart broken from the tragedy I am thankful for the time that I had with him. 
Both portraits of Davoo are extraordinary. I can tell that they were created with great care and passion because they both capture every strand of his beauty. They will be cherished and hanging on the walls of our farm for the rest of my life.

That made my day!